A rare Botticelli portrait could fetch $80 million contained Sotheby\’s auction

An ultra rare portrait through the famed Italian painter Sandro Botticelli might fetch $80 million or more in regards up for sale at Sotheby’s on Thursday, by You.

The auction marks the first big test of the art industry this year, in addition to the willingness of worldwide collectors to pay 8 or maybe 9 figures for trophy works during the health crisis and market volatility. If it does well, it might help enhance the reputation and charges for Old Master paintings at a moment when the majority of big money in the art industry is chasing newer, flashier is effective as a result of post-war and contemporary artists.

“There is an involved global audience and interest for this particular painting,” stated Charles Stewart, CEO of Sotheby’s.

The Botticelli painting, called “Young Man Holding a Roundel,” is actually considered to experience been painted around 1480. It is one of approximately a dozen portraits attributed to Botticelli and one of merely a handful in private hands.

The seller is reported to be the estate of late property billionaire Sheldon Solow, whom bought the piece inside 1982 for $1.2 million.

To promote the labor throughout the pandemic, Sotheby’s viewable the painting all over the world to collectors and potential bidders.

“The young male of the painting has done more traveling during Covid than probably anyone we know,” Stewart claimed.

Botticelli is most famous for “Birth of Venus,” which portrays the Roman goddess appearing out of a seashell. The previous record for the work of his was the 2013 selling of Child as well as “madonna with Young Saint John the Baptist” for $10.4 zillion.

The work is going to be part of Sotheby’s “Master Paintings & Sculpture” selling on Thursday.